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2021-11-16 20:18:15 By : Mr. Leng Jane

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Don Whitley Scientific Limited has launched Whitley AsPROvac, an all-in-one laboratory aspirator that ensures rapid and safe suction and disposal of biological liquid waste.

According to Paul Walton, Managing Director of Don Whitley Scientific, “Whether it’s finely removing the supernatant or quickly emptying larger flasks, the system has a vacuum range of 1-20 to change the suction speed. A range of The suction tool allows the user to suck from various blood vessels."

The device has a novel quick-release cap/lid assembly, a shatterproof 4-liter autoclaveable waste liquid bottle, and a digital display of vacuum degree. The hand-held suction device includes a single tip and an 8-channel tip, as well as a disposable tip adapter and an 8-channel tip adapter.

AsPROvac is very suitable for use with Whitley Hypoxystation (equipped with a vacuum outlet).

The following features of AsPROvac ensure the safe inhalation and disposal of biological liquid waste: Self-closing connectors to prevent escape of liquids and aerosols; equipped with novel, quick-click lids-no multi-turn screws over tightened by previous users; equipped with 4 liters of shatter-resistant waste Liquid bottle; liquid level "full" indicator; has a hydrophobic filter for user protection; all parts in contact with the waste liquid can be autoclaved; equipped with a handle, which is convenient to carry the waste liquid bottle and empty the contents; a Reliable, high-quality, integrated system without any additional components.

AsPROvac is very easy to use and requires little training. The color-coded quick release fittings mean that users can always assemble products quickly and correctly. Another feature that helps the user is the integrated display that shows the selected vacuum level. The speed can be changed to speed up the emptying of large containers, or it can be reduced to finely remove small amounts of biological liquid waste.

With the compact footprint and low position of the bottle in the holder, this provides a strong and stable base and prevents the bottle from being knocked over. AsPROvac is lightweight, so it can be easily moved around the laboratory, and has an additional ergonomic handle on the base for easy lifting and handling of the entire device.

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