11 TikTok-approved products for parents, so moms swear

2021-11-13 06:24:10 By : Mr. Onrun Manager

If you are not like an ordinary mom, you are a cool mom (or dad), then you may have discovered #ParentTok-the corner of TikTok, where tired parents give advice to other tired parents. Sometimes this advice is good, sometimes it's just funny.

From sharing toddler stories that end with "You can't make up this shit" to exchanging product recommendations related to parenting, TikTok's parenting field has experienced a lot of decline. However, even if you don’t have the app, here is a small cheat sheet about TikTok’s parents swearing.

Read on for 11 products for parents, they make the whole "raising human" thing a little easier. As always, the listed prices may fluctuate over time.

It would be great if we had these when we were young! The Ztl Gyro Bowl is an ingenious invention, designed for young children (and the snacks they have always been passionate about). At first glance, it looks a bit like a dog toy (maybe the color?). Please do not be prejudiced against this product and its clever anti-overflow design. The bowl uses the inner bowl and outer ring to rotate 360 ​​degrees, which means less mess and less overflow.

It also has 1,436 reviews on Amazon.com, and a writer commented, “My little ones love the freedom this bowl gives them because they don’t have to work around the silicone lid like other spill-proof snack containers. They like this mechanism. It twists and turns, and the 360-degree handle is an advantage. It's also easy to clean."

Another one for toddlers! The sacred time when your preschoolers discover that they can (finally!) reach the sink is actually not sacred at all. Honestly, moms-this is the hell of the living bathroom. But fortunately, Toddler Faucet Extender (with a 4.5-star rating and over 4,600 reviews on Amazon.com) makes it easier for you and your children.

With the extender, younger children can have better access to the tap while minimizing spills, splashes, and puddles that you will inevitably eventually clean up. And because of its cartoon-like leaf design, it can also be a good learning tool that can introduce children to hand washing-dare we say, it can even make your hand washing fun? !

A reviewer on Amazon.com wrote: “I can’t believe she has a step stool and a faucet extender. She likes washing hands so much. We sang'Itsy Bitsy Spider' while washing, and she even used it. A nail brush. This extender saves me having to hold her on the sink with one hand while trying to show her how to wash with only one hand."

Coming from the same company that makes the "nose aspirator", FridaBaby NoseFrida electric nasal aspirator is a must-have for every parent. FridaBaby NoseFrida Electric Nasal Aspirator is an electric version of the original version. It uses electric suction to suck out the baby's nose. It also has neatly distracting small lights that can calm down children with creeping tendencies and allow them to focus on bright things when their parents are doing dirty work.

A BedBathAndBeyond.com user wrote: "I like the original version, but it is not easy and pleasant to use, haha. This one is much better than that one."

Buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $44.99.

Insect bites come in handy for people from all walks of life-not just parents-because no matter how old you are, insect bites are terrible. But as all parents know, being bitten by insects as a child is particularly bad. Bug Bite Thing—with over 41,000 reviews on Amazon.com and even one of their best sellers—can reassure kids (and adults).

Its working principle is as follows: It is a reusable suction tool that can suck out insect venom, saliva, stingers and other irritants under the skin. It is suitable for various mosquito bites, including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, invisible mosquitoes, chiggers, sea lice, etc.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “I can’t emphasize to you how much this simple gadget has improved my summer life in Ohio. It rains a lot. There are a lot of mosquitoes... this tool doesn’t "It won't make those lumps go away, but it will relieve the itching immediately. "

Are you using the smoke left by a few weeks of sleepless nights? Yes, this is the so-called parent-child relationship. Of course, part of it is just about territory, but there are steps you can take to help your baby or toddler sleep better-in the end, you can sleep better.

The 4.5-star Purrble is an amazing sleep solution suitable for children. By teaching them how to comfort themselves, it makes it easier for children to fall asleep (this is also very suitable for children's anxiety and stress management!). Purrble's heartbeat speeds up, and only when your child is holding Purrble and stroking Purrble, its heartbeat will slow down to a slight purr. By calming Purrble, children can learn an important life lesson, which is how to calm themselves down and soothe themselves to sleep.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “My son suffers from severe dyslexia. The C19 situation caused him to be unable to obtain the nightmare of IEP time and space allocation. When he was asked virtual questions during school, he often It will collapse. Purrble gave him a little comfort and company to help him calm down in class. This definitely reduces the factor of collapse."

There is a lot of potential here. Accmor Formula Tower is not only used to provide infant formula milk powder from a feeding bottle. Each of the four layers is independent and stackable, making it one of the most versatile baby accessories in diaper bags. Put as much powder as possible in each layer so that you can carry four possible feedings during the trip, or fill each compartment with snacks suitable for children: fried dough sticks, oatmeal, candies, fruits, etc. .

It received 4.7 stars and more than 3,700 reviews on Amazon.com. One reviewer wrote: “There are a lot of formula dispensers. They are usually round. I especially want a long one. The outside of my diaper bag. These work well. I bought two sets."

Cars with children can be tricky (say it again to the people behind!!!). But parents everywhere know that the key to keeping their children calm is to put things in the car. Like a lot of things! This rear seat car storage bag is perfect for storing everything from iPads and tablets to sunglasses, bottles and straw cups, books, toys and more. After all, children need a lot of attention. The organizer put everything in place, so your car doesn't look like explosions everywhere in the toy store. Not to mention, it has more than 2,400 reviews on Amazon.com.

One commenter wrote: “Because of my work and hobbies, I almost live in the back seat of my car with my children. This organizer has always been my *savior* and makes the children happy and happy when I work. entertainment. "

If you have tried bathing your child before, you will know how difficult it is. Not every child likes bathing themselves, and others are very worried (and very sensitive) when soap gets into their eyes. You must like products that are both functional and interesting.

Enter the baby shower cap-a waterproof hat that looks like a rubber duck in the bath. This child-friendly adjustable shampoo shield fits the head size of children from 6 months to 12 years old, and most importantly, protects their eyes when they wash their hair.

TikTok loves this! That's because the Brilli Baby Cup Catcher (you can also use it to tie the toy to the high chair) is excellent. If your kids throw or drop their bottles three, four, or five times per meal, then you must get this fashionable little silicone gadget. One side is glued to their high chair (or another surface), while the larger end is wrapped around their bottle or toy. The next time they throw or drop, the item will not fall to the ground, which saves you a lot of time to bend over and pick it up. #Help straw!

The Sleep Miracle Sound Machine is aptly named Baby Shusher and has a 4.4-star rating and more than 12,300 reviews on Amazon.com. TikTok mom (and dad) like it because it uses real human voices to "shush", or rather, gently let young people fall asleep. It is equipped with a timer of 5 to 30 minutes for each booing session and even has an adjustable volume so that the whole family does not have to listen.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “I was introduced to this during the photo shoot of my twins’ newborns. It helped them fall asleep and she was able to take amazing pictures!”

Throw it in the diaper bag, because this is another book! If your child is about to drink from a cup instead of drinking from a straw cup, then the JellyCap universal drinking cap is an accessory of choice. JellyCap is a transitional tool trusted by parents to help turn any bottle into an easy-to-drink cup, promote independence and gently care for their baby teeth.

An Amazon.com reviewer wrote: “I like these bottle caps very much! I bought them because I think it’s easier for my 15-month-old to drink from a water bottle when we’re not at home. I hate dragging a straw The cup moves around. These are perfect!"

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