British brand low-cost EDM machine or sinking mold machine Zn540

ZNC Economical Die Sinking EDM ZNC540 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS :TypeZNC250ZNC320ZNC450ZNC540ZNC650Worktable size 450×250 mm600×320 mm650×400 mm800×500 mm1000×600 mmTable travel 250×150 mm320×200 mm400×300 mm500×400 mm650×550 mmZ axis travel   Z 

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ZNC Economical Die Sinking EDM ZNC540

Inch Brand Low Price EDM Machine or Forming Machine for Die Sinking Zn540

Worktable size 450×250 mm600×320 mm650×400 mm800×500 mm1000×600 mm
Table travel 250×150 mm320×200 mm400×300 mm500×400 mm650×550 mm
Z axis travel   Z 200 mm220 mm200+220 mm200+220 mm400+300 mm
Distance from head of Electrode to worktable400 mm450 mm600 mm680 mm800 mm
Max. electrode weight 50 kg50 kg50 kg100 kg200 kg
Max. workpiece weight 500 kg500 kg750 kg1500 kg3000 kg
Interior size of oil groove 900×520×315 mm900×530×355 mm1125×640×395 mm1325×780×495 mm1720×1000×620 mm
Total weight 1000 kg1200 kg2000 kg3000 kg4200 kg
Shape size1350×1120×2043 mm1350×1120×2143 mm1520×1550×2165 mm1520×1750×2415 mm2000×2000×2700 mm
Type Unit   
Electricity cabinet   50A75A100A
Max.processing current  A50A75A100A
Max.processing speed  mm²/min400680960
Best surface roughness  μm0.20.20.2
Min.electrode consumption %
Power consumption kw61218
Inch Brand Low Price EDM Machine or Forming Machine for Die Sinking Zn540
Advanced and reasonable machine structure
1) Mechanical part
a. Machine structure with a good rigidness is stable and reasonable and hard to be
deformed so as to ensure accuracy.b. The connection form of spindle head is with imported DC torque motor dragging and
cog belt transmission.
c. Guiderail applies V style and surface design, which is characterized by strong
rigidness, reversing resistance, high accuracy, good sensitivity, servo fast response
and stable processing
d. The ball-screw hand wheel of X axis and Y axis translates and Z axis uses DC servo
motor. They all apply P4 level bearing.
e. The guiderail of both X and Y axes uses high-accuracy and anti-friction plastic,
having the features of high accuracy, rapid reaction, good sensitivity and long service
f. Three axes use digital readout system.
g. The machine can arbitrarily use 2 reliefways, blunting oil or pumping oil, and can also
choose processing without dipping into the oil.
h. The machine can process cavity, hole and special shape parts on the material of
copper, graphite and steel.
Lubricating system adopts recycling mode and the guiderail lubricating action once
completes and also keeps clean appearance.
Work cycle filtration system employs efficient and low-noise centrifugal pump and
paper filter, which is available for providing, dumping, blunting and pumping oil.

2) Electrical part
a. Applied with industrial PC control machine, z axis single axis CNC,three shaft position
showing on computer screen, and with all three axis grating using, the positioning is
precision and reliable, and by the way, operation is very simple. What you need to do is
just enter the setting data of z axis so that the operation varied from rough processing to
finish processing can be automatic accomplished.
b. Moisture-proof, rust-proof, PCB board designc. The processing procedures and processing conditions can be inquired and modified
during machining without cutting off the power. As a matter of fact it will save a lot of time
of modifying.
d. With automatic A.R.C. carbon deposition prevention examines device, workpieces will
be prevented from damage.
e. Very large scale of integrated circuit, and the power tube uses VMOS composite
power mosfet.
f. Large area and deep gap independent circuit design
g. PWM servo system, and standard DC servo motor
h. High pressure overlap synchronous discharge system
i. Square wave and energy level output
j. Superfine processing circuit
k. Voltage stabilizing ability ± 20%
l. Copper electrode, the graphite electrode separation circuit, independent parameters
m. With abundant expert bases resources system,
according to different requirements
of the processing, it can automatically match the corresponding processing parameters
and discharge parameters that can be automatically edited, and it can choose rough,
medium and small, very fine processing conditions. It is an unlimited period system. with
more paragraphs processing procedure setting function.
n. The Z axis superior precision processing position repeate confirmation
o. Pulse power discharge time is within 2 ~ 1200, with 18 files to choose from; Rest time
in between 1 ~ 9 choice; Minimum pulse width is 2. The processing is stable and rapid,
and the electrode consumption is small and the surface accuracy is even.
p. Circuit has a liquid surface, liquid temperature, automatic monitoring, fire prevention,
probe, discharge detection, processing depth detection (depth to the automatic alarm),
ARC carbon deposition prevention and so on many security function and device.
q. The power structure contains several functional plates that can be pulled out, self
diagnosis system and LED state display are also available, it's convenient to maintain.
r. Oil level control, automatic stop processing devices. Light sensor, can automatic response, so that fire extinguisher spray and cut off the
power supply
t. Aerosol type automatic response fire extinguisher, safety, no pollution, no damage to
the highest machine tool and die
u. The fuel tank is equipped with a halogen lighting lamp.

3) CNC system configuration
a. P3 CPU industrial PC
b. Random control software system
c. 15 Inch LCD displayer.

Inch Brand Low Price EDM Machine or Forming Machine for Die Sinking Zn540

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