50 ml centrifuge tube with conical bottom and screw cap for laboratory use

Lab Use 50 ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap Product Description Product Name50ml Centrifuge TubeItem No.BE-MC-005MaterialCap: (PE) , Tube: (PP)Specification50MLCapScrew capBottomConical or RoundCap ColorBlue, orange etc.Applicationfor samples storage and centrifugationPacking50pcs per bag, 18bags

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Lab Use 50 ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap
Product Description


Product Name50ml Centrifuge Tube
Item No.BE-MC-005
MaterialCap: (PE) , Tube: (PP)
CapScrew cap
BottomConical or Round
Cap ColorBlue, orange etc.
Applicationfor samples storage and centrifugation
Packing50pcs per bag, 18bags per carton
Sterilization MethodNon-sterile or Sterle EO
CertificateISO &CE

50ml Centrifuge Tube, manufactured from medical grade polypropylene (PP) tube & PE screw cap, popular in many research area for samples centrifugation and storage.



1. Biologically inert, high density PP material, adapted to centrifuge, widely used in molecular biology,clinical chemistry and Bio-chemistry research.
2. Availablein various volume: 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml,10ml,15ml,50ml etc.
3. The cap can be easily open and closed.
4.Chemical corrosion and low temperature resistance.
5.No release reagent, plasticizer and fungistat added during production, free of heacy metal. 
6.Designed to withstand the stress of high speed centrifugation, perfect sealing and watertight. Stable under high centrifuge speed,up to 15000rpm. It can guarantee safety of the staff&environment while testion toxic samples.
7.Adapted to wide range of temperature from -80 ºC to 120 ºC, no distortion.
8.Clear graduation on the wall for wasier observation. Graduation with white/black ink, accurate to ±2%, in 1ml increments, chloroform-resistant.
9. Flat top design together with a large white writing area for convenient mark and identification.
10.Perfect autoclavable and freezable.
11.Available in sterile by E.O


Product Parameters

Centrifuge Tube Order List

Item No.DescriptionSpecs.Qty/CtnCtn. Size (cm)G.W/N.W (kgs)
PT001-1PCR Tube0.2ml, 8 strips (Domed top)600056x42x429/8
PT001-20.2ml, 8 strips (Flat top)600056x42x429/8
PT002-10.2ml, 12 strips (Flat top)600056x42x4210/9
MC001Micro Centrifuge Tube0.2ml (with lid)4000055x31x4510/9
MC0020.5ml (with lid)4000055x31x4511/10
MC003-11.5ml (with lid)2000055x31x4514/13
MC003-21.5ml (with screw cap)2000055x31x4514/13
MC0042.0ml (with lid)2000055x31x4515/14
CT001Centrifuge Tube5ml (with lid)1000057x33x5014/13
CT0027ml (with lid)500057x33x5014/13
CT003-110ml (with lid)300057x33x5014/13
CT003-210ml (with screw cap)300056x42x4215/14
CT00415ml (with screw cap)300056x42x4216/15
CT00550ml (with screw cap)90056x42x4214/13
CT006100ml (with screw cap)50056x42x4214/13

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Lab Use 50 Ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap
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Lab Use 50 Ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap
Lab Use 50 Ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap

Lab Use 50 Ml Centrifuge Tube with Conical Bottom & Screw Cap
Packaging Details


50pcs/bag (bulk packing), 900pcs/ctn; 56x42x42 cm, 14 KGS
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