Five cool sticks, from Marley Natural to Dankzilla

2021-11-22 08:02:07 By : Ms. Christina Shan

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As the true embodiment of the "legendary" Bob Marley himself, this hookah pipe combines style, form and function to delight all the senses.

It has a "dyeing" (smoky) transparent effect. It is made of hand-blown borosilicate, which is durable and beautiful. It adopts the traditional beaker neck design and tapers upwards. The thick reinforced base provides a firm foundation to prevent tipping and accidental spills.

Compared with "soft glass", this piece is superior in terms of strong, shatter-resistant borosilicate. It is not only stronger, but also able to withstand high temperatures without worrying about cracking or damage.

• Spacious expansion chamber for larger gaps

• Cool the ice tray to improve smoothness

• 5 mm thickness, it has a firm feel whether it is on the hand or on the table

• Built-in diffuser can improve performance and comfort

• Black and gold decoration with Marley logo

As iconic as the legend itself

Bob Marley's spirit transcends time and space with his music, influence, and more inspiring future generations. This unique Fengzi embodies some of his best qualities: a resilient performer dedicated to serving and motivating those around him.

This transparent tube is as cool and unique as its source of inspiration. Keith Haring, born in 1958, is an American artist known for his public paintings and unique style in New York City. Throughout the 1980s, Haring's works, such as "Crack Is Wack", broke boundaries and dealt with taboo topics such as safe sex and AIDS awareness at the time. Haring uses his platform to give back to the community and participate in meaningful social activities.

It is made of high-quality, durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The beautifully designed seven-slit percolator diffuses gently to produce a stream of tiny bubbles, which can filter, moisturize and cool the smoke. result? A particularly smooth pull, gentle, warm (but not hot) and hug.

• Includes iconic Haring artwork and his signature

• Bold lines, contrasting colors and vibrant designs

Celebrating Keith Haring's global influence

K. Haring Water Pipe pays tribute to this important pop artist who died in 1990. The user can remember and celebrate him every time he uses this smoking gun.

Someone asked us sarcastically: "Do you have a crystal ball or something?" In fact, we do have a crystal ball...a drilling rig, that's it.

Using the iconic round crystal ball design, when lit, the green sphere is filled with smoke, forming a mysterious cloud. The frosted base adds a glowing smoky effect, and the central "ball" or "brain" emits smoke from the hole as it cools before reaching the neck for inhalation.

• Available in pink, blue, green and smoke

The timeless classic Frankenstein brings another kind of "monster" to life.

The feature of the monster design is protesting with both arms. The cooling chamber is uniquely designed to produce a "brainstorming" effect inside the rig, expelling smoke from five rooms that look like holes in the brains of monsters.

• Available in pink, blue and green

This air gun provides the coldest tear through an innovative dual air gun design with two glycerin chambers.

The dual chamber and percolator provide unparalleled cooling and one of the smoothest tears you have ever experienced. Users often report zero throat and chest discomfort.

• Cooling percs (in-line and sprinkler)

Hemper is known for its innovative glassware made by its in-house designer team and frequent collaborations with celebrities and influencers, and its unique out-of-the-box lineup is constantly updated.

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