Tracy Beaker and Nanny McPhee rare child star Holly Gibbs (Holly Gibbs) is now TikTok superstar

2021-11-22 07:52:59 By : Mr. Tyler Li

TRACY Beaker and Nanny McPhee rare child star Holly Gibbs (Holly Gibbs) is now TikTok's big star.

Holly, 24, has nearly 20,000 fans on this popular video-sharing site-where she often talks about her early fame.

When Holly was six years old, she and Emma Thompson played Christiana in "Nanny McPhee", and two years later, she played a role in the TV series "The Story of Tracy Baker."

Her character Millie appears in several episodes of the show, but there is only one line-Holly often makes jokes about her followers.

She has always stated publicly how she hopes to stay in the show business as she grows older, but when the role dries up, she turns her attention to art.

However, after obtaining a degree in fine arts and specializing in sculpture, Holly realized that she didn't want to be an artist. Although she still works in the art industry, she now focuses on writing.

When she talked about her withdrawal from the spotlight on a TikTok, she said: "I started acting when I was five years old. When I was six years old, my first official job was McPhee, a nanny, and then I became Tracy Baker-I did Did not stop acting after Tracy Beaker.

"I did persist, but I did some less important things. I did some TV series, a few short films, and performed at the National Grand Theater, which was really cool."

She went on to say: "Acting is the only thing I want to do since I was young. As I grow older, I have to tell the truth. I am still auditioning... This is just a very big change in the industry. Not a child anymore.

"The competition is much fierce and difficult. I wanted to find a job, but I didn't find it-it was quiet for me."

Holly added: "My goal now is to write for the screen, maybe for myself, and non-fiction. Take action back to this universe!"

Thankfully, Holly can talk lightly about her gradual withdrawal from the show business when she was a child, and she often made fun of herself--even calling herself "a hit."

She also joked that being a child star was "her only character trait". When she got the role of Tracy Beaker, she "thinked she was on her way to Hollywood."

Holly also described herself in her profile as "the CEO who shuts down your big fat man"-quoting a quote from her on the TV show.

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