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In this article, Microbioz India is pleased to share an exclusive interview with Pravin Jain, Head – Laboratory Solutions, Mettler Toledo India. Here I am sharing few interesting points of the interview.

How can be using Mettler-Toledo Lab and analytical equipment solutions be helpful for a safer and more accurate laboratory workflow?

Mettler-Toledo offers a wide range of laboratory solutions to various industry segments. We have a strong value chain across various workplaces be it R&D, Scaleup, production, Filling, Packaging, and Logistics. Our Lab and analytical products are used in R&D, QC, QA, Scaleup, and Kilo Labs. Our precision instruments are the foundation of research and quality control labs across the globe.

We are now committed to not only maintaining carbon neutrality but also establishing science-based targets to drive absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and supply chain.

Some of our offerings are High-performance weighing solutions that offer the basis for reproducible results in R&D labs. Pipettes are an essential tool in life science research. Thermal analysis instruments help to improve materials and their thermal behavior. Automated chemistry solutions accelerate the development of new chemicals. When it comes to Quality control it relies on fast and precise analytical measurement as well as reliable data management. Our analytical balances, titrators, pH meters, density meters, refractometers, melting point meters, and pipettes can be tailored to each customer’s application needs and provide a fully documented workflow for every quality control lab. Our unique LabX™ software integrates fully with laboratory information systems such as LIMS and chromatography software and enables a seamless flow of data throughout the entire analysis workflow ensuring traceability.

What have been the main accomplishments of Mettler-Toledo India during the last five years?

Mettler-Toledo as an organisation has evolved well in the Last 5 years. Globally we reached $3.7 B in 2021 with 18% Local currency sales growth and have been steadily growing at a good pace.

In India, we have made a significant investment in expanding our sales, service, and Technical teams to meet the growing customer demands. We opened our new Application Laboratory in Hyderabad and also our Mass Calibration Laboratory (MCL) in Mumbai. This lab is equipped with state-of-art Mass Comparators and a complete automated calibration process by using validated MC-Link software which guarantees realistic, practical and reliable results. The stringent Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMC) of MCL helps our customer to maintain better Accuracy. Add on assistance like customer audits, witnessing calibration, Root cause investigation on failure, door to door assistance etc. are differentiation features, ensures 100% compliance! ”

Mettler-Toledo CEO visit to application lab in Mumbai

We also expanded our Market Support Group in Mumbai to serve our customers’ applications better. Pandemic also accelerated our Digitalization initiative with most sales, service and technical support made available online. In fact, our customer’s interactions were responded faster this way, thanks to the user interactive content developed by Mettler-Toledo which enabled us to evolve through this journey smoothly.

We also opened our e-demo Studio in Mumbai at the beginning of the pandemic which helped us conduct more than 100 live demos and webinars last year to stay connected with our customers, and today we have also the facility of Interactive Live support from our Switzerland demo laboratory. In the last 2 years Mettler-Toledo has also invested significantly in employee well-being and benefits during the pandemic. We could also make significant changes to our working methodology with an employee-friendly flexible work-from-home policy.

What is your opinion on the COVID-19 situation on Laboratory and Analytical Equipment Industry? Does it give an opportunity for the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry to showcase its importance?

The initial days of the pandemic were really tough for the entire industry as this was not expected, but Mettler-Toledo was really quick to act on the situation and we were able to shift the entire organisation working from home just in a week’s time. Our employees could very well adapt to the situation and kept continuing in a safer way.

Though the pandemic affected most Industries we made significant progress in the Pharmaceutical segment as demand was very high and we also could contribute to the vaccine manufacturing value chain. In fact, Mettler-Toledo is proud to be associated with almost all leading manufacturers of vaccines worldwide and even in India.

Most products like Balances, Titrators, pH meters, Synthesis workstations, In-situ reaction monitoring instruments, sensors, etc. were extensively used in entire vaccine research and development. Apart from this, drug manufacturing companies continued to prefer Mettler-Toledo Titrators for quality control analyses of their products.

Analytical Instruments is one of the important essentials of quality control of research and development laboratory of Bio-Pharma, Pharma, Food and Beverages Industry. ‘How can Mettler-Toledo technology and application can improve routine laboratory workflow and pharmaceutical analysis?”

Mettler-Toledo software solutions especially LabX™ software improve routine workflows in a laboratory to a greater extent. It not only makes processes fully compliant but also reduces time by minimising errors and manual work. It guides you through SOP workflows on all connected Mettler-Toledo instruments like weighing balances, titrators, pH meters, etc to ensure every operator follows the same procedures. It allows users to easily tailor each method to their requirements.

It helps minimize human error as it performs calculations automatically and users immediately receive confirmation of their results meet the specified process tolerance or not. Users can design weighing methods and access them with just one click. User guidance on the balance display is intuitive, reducing user training time.

International Market support group, Mumbai

Weighing data, including metadata, is automatically stored in a centralized database at the time of creation. Installing LabX™ in users laboratory reduces the manual data recording and eliminates the risk of transcription errors. With LabX software, you’ll be audit-ready anytime: users can data 24/7, from anywhere, and generate customized reports as per their needs. The software helps laboratories to meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity. Mettler-Toledo Application scientists have also prepared a large number of application notes which are based on real sample testing. Apart from this, the application team at Mettler-Toledo India is always ready to support customers for the application development.

What kind of post-sales support do you give? How do you manage that?

Mettler-Toledo in India has a full-fledged team of highly competent and qualified people across India to support our customers. We have a Market Support group in Mumbai with almost 75 scientists, and a State-of-the-art Application and demonstration lab located in Mumbai and Hyderabad locations for customer access and training. A team of Application scientists and product specialists are available to support the customers at their site in terms of method parameter optimisation, Good titration practice programmes, and Sample testing.

The good Titration Practice programme is appreciated by most of our key users as it helps them to identify the root cause of the challenges they come across and enable them to get improved results by avoiding common errors. We also have an extensive team of Service Technicians across India for onsite service support and the engineers are backed by an in-house technical support team.

All customer service requests are managed centrally through a modern call management system. Mettler-Toledo Ph competence center is available almost 24X 7 for our esteemed customers We also invest a significant effort in training our teams so that they can deploy effective services to our customers.

Could you brief some recent innovations and products developed by Mettler-Toledo for easy and accurate Analytical laboratory workflow?

One of the most significant innovations by Mettler-Toledo is the Intuitive User Interface which is a personalised User Interface for all Lab Instruments. We have OneClick™ which simplifies laboratory work and saves time as it is design is consistent across most of our lab instruments.

Users can customise their screen and short keys to start analyses and workflows efficiently, with OneClick. The ease and consistency in operation resulted in increasing lab productivity. We also introduced the new innovative FastTrack™ Array technology-based UV Vis spectrophotometer family which simplifies the analytical lab workflow with advanced automation, a simple & compact design with zero maintenance & dual-mode operation as software or standalone with OneClick™ user interface. The unique design with an open sample analysis port and size less than A4 size paper with lighter weight was possible with advanced hollow quartz glass fibers used with flashing xenon lamp, fixed polychromatic grating & CCD array detector. UV Vis can be used as a benchtop as well as a portable instrument for various industries & testing facilities.

Some of our recent innovations in analytical instruments are:

1.The InMotion Karl Fischer autosamplers provide precise and efficient Karl Fischer measurement. With a variety of innovative features and accessories, one can improve workflow efficiency and user safety. With improved productivity and space-saving design, it is the perfect instrument for the lab, in every industry.

The one-piece screw cap enables simple and fast sample preparation. Weigh the sample in a vial and screw cap it and simply put it on the autosampler rack. This increases lab efficiency and reduces sample preparation time which is one of the biggest challenges in many laboratories.

2.Smart Sample weighing: A secure and efficient way to transfer sample information to your titrator. Smart Sample eliminates – transcription error, simplifies workflows & saves valuable time.

3.Secure analysis with Smart Chemicals: With Smart Chemicals, Mettler-Toledo offers an innovative solution to reinforce the concept of seamless workflows. Commercially available smart chemicals have RFID chips that enable secure data transfer directly from reagent bottle to titrator

 What kind of technologies offered by Mettler-Toledo be used to increase the sustainability of lab processes in Bio-Pharma, Pharma and Analytical Research Labs?

Mettler-Toledo has a very important sustainability drive called Green MT. In 2021, we committed to science-based targets for the absolute reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We received gold medal status from EcoVadis for our ESG efforts. By 2025 we target >80% from recycled or certified sustainable sources, >95% from easily recyclable or compostable packaging material, and zero waste to landfills by 2025. Our Rainin range of products is one of the most recent examples in this direction. We introduced TerraRack which is a revolutionary new concept in the tips rack portfolio. These are less Weight, less yet Sturdy compared to conventional racks, as they are made with less than half the plastic and are 100% recyclable. In fact, the hinged TerraRack shell is made from PETE, which is easily recycled and in high demand. Moreover, we have Green-Pak™ an individually packaged and wrapped refill-pack for Rainin tip racks. With packaging made from recycled material, Green-Pak refills significantly reduce plastic waste. Green-Pak is a highly economic and ecological solution, particularly for filter tips, which cannot be stacked.

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