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2022-07-30 06:15:54 By : Mr. Kent Wong

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Antiperspirants contain zirconium aluminium chlorohydrates as active ingredients. Currently, the zirconium aluminium glycine (ZAG) complex is mainly used because it has been shown to be more effective. To evaluate the product quality, it is necessary to control the amount of both aluminium and zirconium in the ZAG complex. This determination can be done by complexometric titrations under different conditions according to the US Pharmacopeia (USP).

USP currently describes the assay of zirconium aluminium chlorohydrate complexes by two manual complexometric titrations after a laborious sample preparation procedure (digestion). This Application Note from Metrohm presents a complementary method that allows a consecutive determination after the sample preparation (digestion) of both metal ions in one beaker with an optical sensor and xylenol orange as an indicator.

Read the Application Note here.

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